Entry #1

To Whom it may concern

2011-10-19 12:44:02 by FunkiiRobot

I am a weird chick, Like -- I don't just "think" Im weird (I have been told multiple times by multiple people that Im.... Not Like The Others. BUT - Be happy to know that it has not stifled me nor my creativity.
If anything it has made me the Kool KiiD thats sitting behind this computer right now.
I always wanted a blog - but it took me a while to figure out what a blog was and then what the hell was I gonna blog about.... Life , Love, Friends Nope - Not that kind of party. Im a Kool KiiD so anything that I show to the public must exude: This is a Kool KiiD that Im dealing with here.
FunkiiRobot is a Kool KiiD - Ask Around [-_-]

To Whom it may concern


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2011-10-19 12:46:45

Hello & Welcome to NewGrounds! Don't forget to put all your favorite Flash/Games/Art & Audio on your page, also Voting on your 5 submissions of the day Everyday. Have a great day :D

FunkiiRobot responds:

Thanks Do u know if its possible to link my blogs to my site???


2011-10-20 10:39:45

I frikkin love this frikkin site.