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2011-10-21 11:47:47 by FunkiiRobot

I just feel like stating a couple of things that I strongly dislike. Why you ask??? Well... (Didnt ya momma tell you about askin quetions... Damn

I strongly dislike:

1. Work-- It sucks

2. When People ask what Im doin tomorrow and they know I work Mon-Fri. 9-5 Don't ask me what im
doin on damn Tuesday what Im doin Wednesday... Damn

3. People who talk shyt (but can't back it up)

4. Females who tell you all their business even when you lookin like you don't wanna hear it

5. Some Teenagers - They make my stomach bubble (but then I remind myself yes I was that dumb.

6. Women who fish for compliments Ex.
Stupid Chick says: "I think Im fat
Meloko (thats me) says: ... OK

Thats all I can think of right now stay tuned for part 2

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